Tapping into Testimonials

Feedback FormPositive, believable comments from real life clients with real names who live in real places about their experience with your firm and your services are proof positive to potential clients that you can be trusted. And with that foundation in place to overcome their natural skepticism, selling to them becomes so much easier.

Here are 5 tips to help you get persuasive testimonials and use them to convert prospects into clients.

1. Go after testimonials

Unsolicited casual comments from clients in conversation or over the phone, or comments in correspondence with them are good, but you should have no hesitation in coming right out and asking for a testimonial when you know you have a happy client.

You can actively stimulate clients to give you testimonials. For example, send a postcard or email message to recent clients asking them what they liked best about your services or offer a free consultation to a select group of your clients in exchange for their thoughts on your services.

Customer focus groups are another great opportunity to get clients talking about your services and what they appreciate most about them.

One easy way to collect testimonials is to include a link on your website with a form that allows your clients to give you their vote of confidence.

2. Get them for all your services and advisory solutions and their different benefits

All of your prospects and clients are not exactly the same. They don’t buy the same services and may even come to you for different reasons. Different aspects of your services are likely to appeal to different prospects just as they do to different clients.

Try to get testimonials that mention a variety of different benefits your clients derive from using your services and get them for services across your entire range.

3. Use only testimonials with the right characteristics

• The message should mention benefits rather than features – that’s what people really buy. “This service doubled our profits in a month!” rather than “This consultation will only take a few hours of your time”.

• It must substantiate your marketing claims – if you say your services can make a difference in some way, your testimonials should back up your claim, complete with actual facts and figures.

• It must sound credible – accompany each testimonial with the first name, last name and hometown of each testimonial-giver. You should get their permission first of course.

4. Don’t fudge it

Don’t edit or rewrite your testimonials to exclude a negative comment or to elaborate on what is there. If you can’t use the testimonial pretty much as the person offered it then either ask them, if you can, to rephrase it themselves or don’t use it.

5.If you’ve got it, flaunt it

Where do you use testimonials? Where don’t you!

• On all marketing – your website, ads, newsletter, brochures, on your product packaging, etc.

• In your store, especially in product displays

• In your office / waiting area

• On the back of your business cards

Testimonials are a great persuader. Start applying them now in your firm and you will quickly start converting more prospects into clients.